Guest Accreditation

Welcome to the GUEST ACCREDITATION page of the Belgian Beer Weekend!

The accreditation process is very simple:
1. Complete the online registration form & submit
2. Your application will be reviewed by BBW office
3. If approved, you will receive your accreditation by email (e-ticket with QR code)

At the venue:
1. Please bring your ticket with QR code to the venue (print or smart phone)
2. Show your e-ticket and the VIP / GUEST / PRESS counter
3. Enjoy BBW!

Terms & conditions
  • > Failure in presenting your e-ticket with QR code can result in not receiving access to the event
  • > The BBW office has the right to deny your application
  • > This application is valid for 1 person
  • > E-ticket is not transferable
  • > E-ticket cannot be refunded