Measures to prevent the further spread of COVID-19

At the Belgian Beer Weekend our first priority is always the health and safety of our visitors, particpants and suppliers. We have therefore taken a number of measures to keep the event as safe as possible for everybody. We thank you very much in advance for your understanding and cooperation!


In order to avoid too crowded situations, we are implementing several crowd control measures.

The number of tickets we are selling every day is limited based on the capacity of the venue.
We strongly recommend to buy your tickets in advance online.

Please buy your tickets as much as possible online.
This will allow us to reduce waiting and check-in time at the registration desks.

At peak moments we might have to restrict the access to the event.
We will indicate on our website when peak moments are occurring.

We are keeping 1m of distance between the tables. Thanks for not moving around the tables.

We are very sorry that we cannot have any live band performance or stage entertainment this time.


Please wear a mask when you are walking around in the venue.

Allow us to monitor your temparture at the registration desks.

Please keep a safe distance.

Please use our contactless hand sanitizer dispensers.

Refrain from passing on glasses.

Keep your glass clean. We installed extra sinks.

We recommend to pay cashless.

Thank you for registering your email in our contact tracing system.

We recommend to bring your personal hand sanitizer.

Refrain from visitng the event if you are not feeling well.


All staff members will wear masks or face shields where required.

We are monitoring the temparture of all staff members and vendors.

We are implementing splash prevention at all registration desks and beer / food stations.

Staff members and vendors are wearing safety gloves.

Please use our contactless hand sanitizer dispensers.

We clean all tables frequently with alcohol disinfectant.

We are using only 1-way disposable beer / food tokens.

We developed a contact tracing system. By registering your email we can inform you when a COVID-19 case has been detected at the event.