Admission to the Belgian Beer Weekend is free of charge,
but to drink you need the original BBW glass & tokens!

We recommend you to buy the STARTER SET [3,100 JPY]
1 x original glass
10 x tokens

[1 beer = 3 to 5 tokens]

Extra tokens can be purchased at the event
[set of 5 tokens: 1,100JPY]

Read more about 'Our System'
[The price of the original glass has been increased with 20 JPY to partly cover the extra expenses related to COVID-19]



In order to avoid too crowded situations, we are implementing following crowd control measures:


The number of (STARTER SET) tickets we are selling every day is limited based on the capacity of the venue. Tickets are only valid for entry on the specified day.


To reduce waiting and check-in time at the registration desks, we recommend to buy your tickets online via Rakuten Ticket.
Sales of tickets at CVS has been suspended.


Sales of discounted presale tickets, group tickets and lounge tickets has been suspended.


At peak moments we might have to restrict the access to the event.
We will indicate on our website when peak moments are occurring.

Do you already have a BBW2020 original glass?

Great! Purchase your tokens at the venue [set of 5 tokens: 1,100JPY].

!! Please check our website before coming to the event to avoid peak moments !!

Terms & conditions

> (STARTER SET) tickets are only valid for entry on the specified day (day tickets).
> As a general rule, tickets cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded after purchase.
> Tickets purchased online via Rakuten Ticket will be automatically refunded when the enitre event (all event days) is cancelled by the organizer due to COVID-19.
> Admission date can be changed at the venue if the specified event day is cancelled by the organizer.
> Admission to the event will be refused if a fever of 37.5°C or higher has been measured at the entrance. Online purchased tickets will be refunded.
> Admission to the event is free but charges will apply for consumption of beer and food (learn more about 'Our System').
> Beers and food can only be purchased with the original BBW2020 tokens.
> Beers can only be served in the original BBW2020 Glass.
> Extra tokens can be purchased at the event (set of 5 tokens: 1,100 JPY).
> Keep the original BBW2020 Glass and use it at home to drink your favorite beer!
> Re-entry to the event is possible. Just bring your BBW2020 Glass and buy extra tokens.
> No cash accepted at the beer & food stalls.