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YonYon (ヨンヨン)

July 30

  • 18:00〜

A DJ, promoter, music producer and radio personality, the born in Seoul and raised in Tokyo artist is a truly multifaceted talent. 

As a singer-DJ, familiar to the trends of various generations, she is able to play on a wide range of BPM’s and has an edgy sound to her style that makes her music easy to listen and dance to. She has performed not only in Korea and Japan but has had appearances in numerous major clubs and festivals across Asia, Europe and The United States. Her style not only fires up large masses but is also known to energize audiences in even the most intimate venues. 

As a songwriter, her lyrics go beyond the boundaries of genres and language, captivating her listeners with an addictive groove and messages that resonate with every word used. 

She kick started “The Link” project, which helps upcoming talent promote their music as she works hard towards furthering the career of asian artists both locally and internationally.

Swing-by Brothers Mini

Matsuki Risabro and the Swing-By Brothers is a band of 6 members who play swing jazz like a big band. The band has played several times at Belgian Beer Weekend, but this time in a special 3 members set-up!

Swing-by Brothers Mini

July 30

  • 13:00〜
  • 16:00〜

川村健(ピアノ)KAWAMURA Ken(piano)、伊藤亮(トランペット)ITO Makoto (trumpet)、佐瀬正(ベース) SAZE Tadashi(bass)

Swing-by Brothers Mini

July 31

  • 14:00〜
  • 18:00〜

川村健(ピアノ)KAWAMURA Ken(piano)、佐藤洋祐(アルトサックス、ボーカル)SATO Yousuke、本川悠平 (ベース)HONKAWA Yuhei(bass)

Swing-by Brothers Mini

Aug 6

  • 12:00〜
  • 16:00〜

松木理三郎(トランペット) MATSUKI Risabro(trumpet)、川村健(ピアノ)KAWAMURA Ken(piano)、小林真人KOBAYASHI Masato(ベース)

* Following the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we have decided to forgo live music performances on weekdays. Thank you very much in advance for your understanding.

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