Admission to the Belgian Beer Weekend is free of charge, but to drink you need the original BBW glass and tokens!
We recommend you to buy the STARTER SET containing 1 x original glass + 11 x tokens (JPY3,200).


* 1 BEER = 3 ~ 5 TOKENS


* 1 TOKEN = 220 JPY


Don't know what to drink? (can't believe it, but ok…)

> Consult our pocket guide or BBWalker app

We don't want you to get lost in the Belgian beer world! Every second should be spent well to enjoy Belgian beer. We therefore made a detailed 'pocket guide', available for free, or even better, our BBWalker app (iOS, android) to guide you!

Wanna drink more?

> Purchase extra tokens

Don't panic when you run out of tokens. Extra tokens can be purchased at the venue (JPY 220 / token).

Only wanna drink 1 beer? (can't believe this neither, but ok…)

> Buy an original glass and the tokens you need

Tokens are available at JPY 220 / token. Beer prices start from 3 tokens up to 5.